Double Exposure

As part of the multimedia workshop, double exposure was one of the things that I did. Double exposure is an image that contains different image/s placed over the original. The method is sometimes used as an artistic visual effect and can be used to produce ghostly images or to add people and objects to a […]

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Melted Crayon Art

Materials Used: Crayon Black Acrylic Paint 2H & 5B Pencil Canvas This piece was fun and interesting to do. I wanted to experiment with different textures and colours. The bold and bright colours contrast with the black backgroud. It is eye-catching and unique. I wanted to keep the hands black and white as it looks more […]

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Diamond-Lip Art

Materials Used: A3 Paper Crayola colouring pencils 2H & 6B pencils  A diamond is a tricky thing to draw. I found it a challenge. It took a lot of time and attempts to get it right. Patience is important when doing art. It’s a skill that I developed overtime. I really like this piece. It’s […]

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Mother & Baby Sketch

Materials Used: 2H, HB, 3B Pencil Sketch A4 Paper This is a quick sketch of a mother and her baby. It is a pure and refreshing piece. My niece was my inspiration. She is my world and I wanted that to come through in this sketch. There is a playful element to this piece. It […]

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Colours of the Sky

Materials Used: Chalk Pastels A3 Paper This is one of my favourite pieces that I have done. This piece is a vertical chalk pastel scene portraying the sun in the clouds. There is an explosion of soft colours from yellow to blue. It makes me feel warm and positive. The chalk pastels blended beautifully together. […]

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Pencil Sketch

Rita Ora  Materials Used: 2H, HB, 3B Pencils A4 Sketch Pad Rita Ora is one of my favourite singers. It was a challenge to draw her. I spent so much time on this and it was worth it. Rita Ora is a British Singer, Songwriter and Actress. She has the soul of an artist. She […]

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Two Tone Art

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) Silhouette Materials Used: 18″x 22″ canvas Black acrylic paint Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows today. Jon Snow is also one of the most popular characters. He is a brooding character torn between dilemmas. I recently finished a multimedia workshop and this was one of […]

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